Opus is a content management engine developed by The Hug which lets you publish one or more web sites in your web space, each of which can include an online newspaper. Each site can have a different look and feel. Sites can have multiple authors. A web front end allows authors to write new articles without any need to learn HTML.

Opus is designed to be easy to install on a hosting ISP's server. You don't need shell access, there are no dependencies, everything you need is in the tarball, you just need an ISP who offers a web server with PHP and MySQL.

Opus was developed to publish a web site and online newspaper for the village of Milton and it also runs this site. Quite a few sites have since been developed, both by us (e.g. the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and Emmaus Cambridge) and by other designers (e.g. Bognor Regis) using Opus and we continue to improve and enhance Opus so it can be more and more widely used for content rich sites.


Opus: an accomplished work, a creation, an achievement

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